Sweeneys Landscaping

At Sweeneys Landscaping we offer a range of services from the initial site excavation to completion. Below is an insight into a few of the services we provide and a snippet into the oasis we can provide for you


Using pavers within a properties landscape not only brings together the soft and hard surfaces but also entails the feel of the area you wish to create. Here at Sweeneys Landscaping, we pride ourselves on quality and longevity, with the knowledge and experience to exceed expectations. Whether it be natural stone, brick, porcelain or concrete, our expertise ensures an install that is flawless and timeless.

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Stone Cladding

If you're looking for Stone cladding installers then you have found the right place. Cladding can completely change an area, whether it be an outdoor bbq, retaining wall cladded, or even an indoor fireplace! By using sustainable materials and methods of practice to ensure it stands the test of time.

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Retaining Walls & Excavation

At Sweeneys Landscaping we pride ourselves on constructing retaining walls that are built to code and ensure wall failure is never an option. From excavation, to correct footings and posts, the process of a strong and suitable wall starts here in the subgrade below the eye can see. Whether it be timber, concrete sleepers, brick, block or other materials we here can construct it to any design suitable.

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At Sweeneys Landscaping, we understand that not only is having a luscious lawn a place where activities can be held and core memories can be made but a statement for your property. Our professional services are more than capable of installing a wide variety of turf.

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Artificial Turf

Not a fan of maintenance? Want an area that looks good, feels good and requires zero time on weekends upkeep, then artificial turf is for you. At Sweeneys Landscaping we recommend installing artificial turf to create more useful spaces on properties, whether it be a small unusable area or a large outdoor area, we have the skills, tools and team to make this happen.

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Adding greenery to hardscapes on the back end of a project is what brings every design and material together. Planting through Sweeneys landscaping ensures all plants are planted correctly for a visually appealing landscape and the longevity of plants in the future.

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A critical part of any landscape is drainage. Drainage is always thought about at the start of the project ensuring the correct strip drains, subdrainage systems or fall is to be utilised.

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Whether it be a new driveway, slab extension, pool surrounds, footpath or footings for your new retaining wall, at Sweeneys landscaping we cover all aspects from excavation, subbase preparation, steel fixing to pour day and finishing.

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Garden Edging

Garden edging for us at Sweeneys landscaping has the potential to serve a higher purpose than just an original function of separation between surfaces such as between turf and garden beds. Whether it be Corten steel edging, aluminium edging or other materials, edging has the ability to give your Landscape that X factor and turn it into an oasis.

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